24-Hour Banking Anytime

New and Improved Telephone Banking!

Call (870) 523-9999 and listen to the menu carefully, as our options have been updated.

With our new telephone banking service, you may use touch tone or the voice automated system to get information about ALL of your accounts - checking, savings, loans, CDs and IRAs. Here are a few of the options you will have:

  • Hear Account Balances
    • Lists Current, Available, and Pending Balances
    • Lists Pending Debits
    • Lists Pending Credits
    • Lists Amount and Date of last deposit
  • Hear Account History
    • List all transactions
    • Deposits
    • Withdrawals
    • Check Number
    • Date
    • All ATM transactions
  • Change Access Code (PIN)
    • Changes Telephone Banking Access Code (PIN) only
  • Perform a Funds Transfer
    • Make an Immediate Transfer
    • Schedule a Transfer
    • Hear Existing Transfers
    • Delete a Scheduled Transfer
  • Perform a Stop Payment
    • Add a new Stop Payment (Standard Stop Payment fees apply)
    • Stop Payment Inquiry
  • Perform Merchant Verification
    • Verify Checks by account number, amount, and check number



Regulation E provides a basic framework that establishes the rights, liabilities, and responsibilities of participants in electronic fund transfer systems such as automated teller machine transfers, telephone bill-payment services, point-of-sale (POS) terminal transfers in stores, and preauthorized transfers from or to a consumer's account (such as direct deposit and social security payments). The term "electronic fund transfer" (EFT) generally refers to a transaction initiated through an electronic terminal, telephone, computer, or magnetic tape that instructs a financial institution either to credit or to debit a consumer's asset account. To see what protections are/are not offered under Regulation E, please click here to refer to Merchants and Planters Bank's Reg E disclosure.