One Call Tells You All

Have questions about your account?

Call (870) 523-9999 and follow the prompts to get set up and get your answers.

Our telephone banking service allows you to use touch-tones or the voice automated system to get information about ALL of your accounts - checking, savings, loans, CDs, and IRAs. Here are a few of the options you will have:

Young girl on a blanket outside looking at smart phone

Hear Account Balances

  • Lists current, available, and pending balances
  • Lists pending debits
  • Lists pending credits
  • Lists amount and date of last deposit

Hear Account History

  • List all transactions
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Check number
  • Date
  • All ATM transactions

Change Access Code (PIN)

  • Changes telephone banking Access Code (PIN)

Perform a Funds Transfer

  • Make an immediate transfer
  • Schedule a transfer
  • Hear existing transfers
  • Delete a scheduled transfer

Perform a Stop Payment

  • Add a new Stop Payment (standard Stop Payment fees apply)
  • Stop Payment inquiry

Perform Merchant Verification

  • Verify checks by account number, amount, and check number